Commercial Shed Expansion – Expanding your Business

When Business is Booming

There’s no better feeling than when your business is in great form and in full flight, but as business improves, plans and circumstances inevitably change. One week you might employ only yourself to keep the business afloat, the next, it might be necessary to employ 5 new staff members, purchase new machinery and acquire larger premises to keep up with demand.

Regardless of the nature of your business, commercial expansion can be daunting. No-one wants to overcapitalise, everyone wants to make financially sensible, business savvy decisions and if expansion means extending or building new structures, it’s safe to say that you want them to be functional and of the highest quality.

Expanding your Industrial Workspace

Whether you work in textiles, media, farming, technology, mechanics or require mass storage solutions, if you are considering expanding your workspace, a customised commercial shed is the perfect solution.

All of Lockyer Sheds’ Industrial structures are;

  • Designed ‘fit for purpose’
  • Made from Hot-rolled or Cold-rolled steel frames
  • Constructed by ‘in-house’ concrete and installation gangs
  • Made from Australian made Bluescope Steel
  • Designed with site specific engineering
  • Constructed using .42BMT/.47TCT sheeting on all sheds
  • Given the option of using Monoclad/Corrugated sheeting profile
  • Built with colour coded screws as standard
  • Constructed using high tensile steel framing 450 grade
  • Engineered to Australian Standards – AS1170, AS4100, AS3680
  • Customized to size at no extra charge
  • Built incorporating fully bolted frames, with no welding required.

When it comes to design, Lockyer sheds will happily customize a design to suit your exact needs. The optional Universal beam and Open-web truss solution can be used to create large, well supported structures spanning over 50 meters.

The Next Step

If you’ve made the decision to expand your business with a commercial shed, Lockyer Sheds will find the right solution for your needs.

The Lockyer Sheds team has extensive experience designing and constructing commercial sheds, industrial sheds, warehouses, aircraft hangars, and so much more and is ready and waiting to customize a solution for your unique storage requirements.

To chat to a Lockyer Sheds team member about what they can do for you, contact us online or call 1300 768 393.