It’s not too often in life that you get rewarded having a chat at half time, while huddled ‘round the barbi or sitting ‘round at smoko. But here at Lockyer Sheds, we find those chats can not only builds business, it also gives us the opportunity to make people happy.

Designing and building sheds, it might surprise you to know, can bring people a lot of happiness. The strength of this joy is obviously hugely reliant on the service and product we deliver. And we’re proud to say, we deliver the goods every time.

Where does a chat with your mates come into it, we hear you ask? How does it make a difference? Well, it’s not so much the chatting and catching up – but word of mouth we’re interested in. We know you’ll be chatting about how Danno took an awesome tackle last Saturday… again… But what we’d also love you to do? Tell your mates how much you love the commercial shed we designed and built for you… and even recommend that they get one too.

If you’ve had a commercial shed built and designed by us, you know the lengths we go to, to make sure our customers are happy. You know we can build a shed of any size, any design, anywhere. You know we use only the highest quality materials, that we offer full project management, that our sheds come with a workmanship guarantee and that you can even design your own shed.

Now, these days, we do understand you can’t get anything for nothing, which is why, we’re offering any customer who refers future business to us, an awesome reward! Yep. If you tell your mates just how good we are and they go ahead with a Lockyer Sheds Commercial Shed build, YOU get a $300 voucher! You even get to choose whether you want to spend the 300 bucks at Dan Murphy’s, BCF or Bunnings.

So, if you’re happy with your commercial shed and wouldn’t mind a bit of play money, tell your mates all about us today! They can find us online or call 1300 768 393.

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