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Let’s face it, guys love their sheds. Whether you need a small shed for keeping your tools or gardening supplies, a pool shed, a shed to double as a garage, or even as a dedicated Man-Cave in your backyard, having a great shed is a sheer pleasure for guys from all walks of life and at all ages.  What’s even better is that with Lockyer Sheds, you can design your own shed to your unique specifications.

Why Do I Need a Shed?

Sheds are for so much more than simple storage. They can be a valuable extension of your home (or workplace) and your lifestyle. With a shed, a man can create his own private space, have a place to hang out with his mates (Hello, bar fridge and big, flat-screen TV!), and keep all the stuff his partner doesn’t really want in the house (or which won’t fit in the house).

A guy can make a shed his workshop or hobby place, using it for everything from home brewing to boat building; setting up a home gym to growing hothouse plants; crafting to gaming. Your foosball table or pool table might be right at home in your shed!

A shed can also be a place from which to operate a home-based business, and a great shed can significantly increase your property’s value in the long term.

Sheds are also ideal for storage and security. Even a small shed can fit a lot of stuff – you’ll know it’s safe from the elements and secure, yet out of the way.

Custom sheds can be created for a vast array of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Garages
  • Carports
  • Farm sheds and Arenas
  • Equine sheds / Horse Shelters / Stables
  • American and Oz Barns
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Commercial sheds
  • Storage Sheds
  • Pool sheds
  • Garden Sheds
  • Workshops
  • Man caves
  • Small Shed to be used as a Kids Cubby House

As you can see, the applications for a shed are almost unlimited and no two custom sheds are going to be exactly alike. But what if you have a definite idea about what you want your shed to look like?

Fortunately, Lockyer Sheds is here to make the process of customising Fair Dinkum Sheds to your own individual requirements – we bring your vision to life, no matter how large or small it may be!

Design Your Own Shed

Lockyer Sheds offers you the convenience of creating custom sheds to your own specifications. We are a small, family-owned Australian business that has been providing our Lockyer Valley clients with fantastic sheds for almost twenty years. With premium-quality products and outstanding service, we have more recently expanded our business to clients in regional Queensland, including Warwick and Goondiwindi.

Depending on your needs, you can design your own Fair Dinkum Sheds using our recently-launched Shed Builder App. You can also speak to us directly to discuss your needs. We offer an array of options for cladding finishes (e.g. M-Panel weatherboard-look or horizontal corrugated cladding), eaves and gables, various BlueScope Colourbond colours, personal access doors, windows, ventilation, and insulation. Your custom shed will complement your home and perfectly suit your needs.

Why Choose Lockyer Sheds?

Not only are we a local business, but we are experts in our industry. All of our staff members are fully-qualified, accredited and licensed in their specific fields. Your job site will be safe, and the end result will meet all the expected conditions and will look great to last well into the future.

Please explore your options for custom sheds on our website. You can seek a quote from us via phone call or online. Please remember to include details of your geographic location when you send us a quote so that we can help you effectively from the outset. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your shed vision to life!

Commercial Sheds – Refer a Friend to claim a $300 voucher


It’s not too often in life that you get rewarded having a chat at half time, while huddled ‘round the barbi or sitting ‘round at smoko. But here at Lockyer Sheds, we find those chats can not only builds business, it also gives us the opportunity to make people happy.

Designing and building sheds, it might surprise you to know, can bring people a lot of happiness. The strength of this joy is obviously hugely reliant on the service and product we deliver. And we’re proud to say, we deliver the goods every time.

Where does a chat with your mates come into it, we hear you ask? How does it make a difference? Well, it’s not so much the chatting and catching up – but word of mouth we’re interested in. We know you’ll be chatting about how Danno took an awesome tackle last Saturday… again… But what we’d also love you to do? Tell your mates how much you love the commercial shed we designed and built for you… and even recommend that they get one too.

If you’ve had a commercial shed built and designed by us, you know the lengths we go to, to make sure our customers are happy. You know we can build a shed of any size, any design, anywhere. You know we use only the highest quality materials, that we offer full project management, that our sheds come with a workmanship guarantee and that you can even design your own shed.

Now, these days, we do understand you can’t get anything for nothing, which is why, we’re offering any customer who refers future business to us, an awesome reward! Yep. If you tell your mates just how good we are and they go ahead with a Lockyer Sheds Commercial Shed build, YOU get a $300 voucher! You even get to choose whether you want to spend the 300 bucks at Dan Murphy’s, BCF or Bunnings.

So, if you’re happy with your commercial shed and wouldn’t mind a bit of play money, tell your mates all about us today! They can find us online or call 1300 768 393.

*Terms and Conditions Apply


Commercial Shed Expansion – Expanding your Business

When Business is Booming

There’s no better feeling than when your business is in great form and in full flight, but as business improves, plans and circumstances inevitably change. One week you might employ only yourself to keep the business afloat, the next, it might be necessary to employ 5 new staff members, purchase new machinery and acquire larger premises to keep up with demand.

Regardless of the nature of your business, commercial expansion can be daunting. No-one wants to overcapitalise, everyone wants to make financially sensible, business savvy decisions and if expansion means extending or building new structures, it’s safe to say that you want them to be functional and of the highest quality.

Expanding your Industrial Workspace

Whether you work in textiles, media, farming, technology, mechanics or require mass storage solutions, if you are considering expanding your workspace, a customised commercial shed is the perfect solution.

All of Lockyer Sheds’ Industrial structures are;

  • Designed ‘fit for purpose’
  • Made from Hot-rolled or Cold-rolled steel frames
  • Constructed by ‘in-house’ concrete and installation gangs
  • Made from Australian made Bluescope Steel
  • Designed with site specific engineering
  • Constructed using .42BMT/.47TCT sheeting on all sheds
  • Given the option of using Monoclad/Corrugated sheeting profile
  • Built with colour coded screws as standard
  • Constructed using high tensile steel framing 450 grade
  • Engineered to Australian Standards – AS1170, AS4100, AS3680
  • Customized to size at no extra charge
  • Built incorporating fully bolted frames, with no welding required.

When it comes to design, Lockyer sheds will happily customize a design to suit your exact needs. The optional Universal beam and Open-web truss solution can be used to create large, well supported structures spanning over 50 meters.

The Next Step

If you’ve made the decision to expand your business with a commercial shed, Lockyer Sheds will find the right solution for your needs.

The Lockyer Sheds team has extensive experience designing and constructing commercial sheds, industrial sheds, warehouses, aircraft hangars, and so much more and is ready and waiting to customize a solution for your unique storage requirements.

To chat to a Lockyer Sheds team member about what they can do for you, contact us online or call 1300 768 393.

Lockyer Sheds… There’s a Good Reason They’re So Fair Dinkum.

When the Lockyer Sheds team say they’re fair dinkum, it’s not just a term of phrase.

As an authorized re-seller of Fair Dinkum Sheds, they are one of the 150 local distributors who provide real, local service and who have sold more than 180,000 sheds and garages across the country.

Lockyer Sheds are very proud of their affiliation with Fair Dinkum Sheds. They offer quality, reliability, variety and so much more.

All Fair Dinkum structures can be easily customised, they come with fully engineered plans, provide site specific plans and engineering calculations, are made from Colorbond steel and Zincalume steel.

Aesthetics are important to both the Lockyer Sheds and the Fair Dinkum Sheds teams, which is reflected in the large choice of colours, styles, design and accessories offered with all Fair Dinkum structures. Their wide range of options allows you to create the building you have dreamed up, with no limitations.

Whether you require a completed shed or garage built for you, or you want to do it yourself, a Fair Dinkum shed is your answer. The DIY option even comes with a DVD and manual to assist with installation.

Fair Dinkum Sheds are members of the Australian Steel Institute, they are an exclusive shed partner of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and have been been awarded ShedSafe accreditation from the Australian Steel Institute – so when you choose Lockyer sheds and ultimately, Fair Dinkum, you know you’re getting a reliable, up to standard product, recommended by the best in the industry.

So, if you’re looking to add a farm shed, work shed, garage, double carport, stable, farm building, industrial/commercial shed or even an airplane hanger to your property, Lockyer Sheds have got a prefabricated building to suit.

With Lockyer Sheds, you have the benefit of being able to choose from a Fair Dinkum Sheds product, which means you will be provided with a top-quality product with a reputation to match.

To chat to a Lockyer Sheds consultant about your Fair Dinkum custom shed options, click here now!

Why we use Colorbond for all of our builds

Lockyer Sheds has successfully delivered a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects including sheds, garages and carports of all shapes and sizes. While our designs and specifications on each job vary greatly due to our ability customize to suit any client’s needs – one thing remains the same – our use of COLORBOND® steel.

Some client’s question why we love it and use it so exclusively.
The answers are simple, but plentiful.

COLORBOND® steel is;

  • lightweight
  • durable
  • easy to maintain
  • It comes in a huge variety of prefabricated designs
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • Recyclable
  • Convenient to use
  • It offers comfort and security
  • Established in 1966, COLORBOND® steel stands the test of time, in both a structural sense and in terms of the company’s longevity.

The use of COLORBOND® means you have a wide range of options for inclusions like doors, windows, colours, profiles, lighting, overhangs, shelving and so much more.

COLORBOND® steel is specifically designed to withstand the intense weather we experience here in Australia. It is tested for Australian conditions and is therefore the perfect option for any garage, shed or carport, be it residential, agricultural or industrial, built here in our beautiful sunburnt country.

Lockyer Sheds are your local, highly experienced, accredited shed builders who are waiting to chat to you about custom sheds, carport prices, carport designs, your very own garage or shed design ideas and their exclusive use of COLORBOND® steel.

So, whether you want to design and build a double carport, double garage, barn style shed, school gymnasium or airplane hangar, choose COLORBOND® steel and contact the Lockyer Sheds today!  You won’t be disappointed.

Steel for Australian Built Sheds

Our harsh Queensland climate means that we should always wear a hat and sunscreen, we should avoid being on the beach at the hottest time of day, we should remember to drink lots of water on a hot Summer’s day – and that our buildings should be constructed with materials specifically designed to withstand our extreme weather conditions… That’s where Bluescope Steel and Colorbond come in.

Colorbond, Galvaspan and Zincalume are all brands/types of steel that sit under the BlueScope Steel banner. They are well known throughout the construction industry as consistently being at the top of their game, being manufactured to the highest quality and being designed to endure Australia’s harsh conditions.

Colorbond steel is lightweight and durable. It comes in a large variety of colours and designs, is easily maintained, is recyclable and affordable – all of these factors assist in making it the perfect material for shed, garage and single or double carport construction.

From a small backyard shed for storing tools and the lawnmower to an expansive structure for farming or other commercial uses, designing, installing and constructing a shed is a cost-effective way to add value to your property with a versatile, protected, lockable, usable space. Not only does colorbond add to the structures durability – it also has the power to add wow factor.

If you’re in need of extra storage space, a versatile work space, a stable solution or even just a simple backyard lock up and are considering installing a shed, garage or carport in the Toowoomba, Gatton, Warwick or Lockyer Valley areas, contact the Lockyer Valley Sheds team today!

Lockyer Valley Sheds use Colorbond steel on all of their builds to ensure the highest quality and are eager to build you a colorbond shed, garage or carport that will stand the test of time and survive our often erratic Queensland climate.

Contact us online for an obligation free quote today or call us on 1300 768 393.

Proud sponsors of AJ & Mavis ‘Busted Out’

We are now very Proud sponsors of AJ & Mavis ‘Busted Out’ these 2 ladies travel around Australia raising awareness & fundraising for Breast Cancer. If you get the chance to go to their show it is a must! They were at The Withcott Hotel on Saturday night and were fantastic. To assist them with the costs of travelling around for the next 6 months we have supplied them with a fuel card, it is amazing work that they are doing for such a great cause!


Check out their Facebook page for dates and locations.